Who is 3 little penguins?

Why that would be me, Marika Andrews

I’m a designer and a developer, which means I do both the visual (or aesthetic) side of websites as well as the development and coding of the designs.

Despite what many people think, designers aren’t necessarily coders, and a lot of developers have no idea when it comes to design! I’ve been doing both for more than 13 years, which I believe gives me a unique perspective and the ability to take a holistic view on every project Ido. I started learning code way back in high school, when there were only 3 computers in the library connected to the web. The web has certainly come a long way since then, and so have I.

I’ve freelanced all over the world and have worked for small companies, large companies, the state government and a major cultural institution. Most recently I have chosen to work with my own clients to bring their web and design dreams to life!

When I’m not behind a screen I like to get crafty, head down to the pub for trivia or plan my next trip to somewhere on this amazing globe I haven’t been yet.

Photo by Elaine Reyes

Member of the Australian Web Industry Association

What I think

and what keeps me going...

I’m very conscious of my social and environmental impact. This is illustrated in the way that I run my business. My office in Footscray has been set-up with an environmental ethic and runs on solar power (or 100% green energy on those cloudy days) and takes advantage of the council recycling service. I use who gives a crap toilet paper, 100% recycled stationery and office paper and I rely on bike, public transport or Flexicar when I need to get somewhere. I even have a solar powered keyboard and use rechargeable batteries in my mouse!

In addition to all this, the hosting that I use for both my clients and myself is 100% carbon neutral. If printing, I encourage my clients to use sustainable papers and inks.

Whilst we can always do more to decrease our environmental impact, this all reflects my aim to run my business sustainably.

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