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Total Return Income Fund identity

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Thom is a long standing client of mine who resides in a beautiful part of the world in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Thom wanted a logo for his new real estate investment company that instilled a feeling of safety and stability like a financial institution. Given his location in the Rocky Mountains, what better mark than the strong, stable rocks of the surrounding mountains. The serif font in the typography is used to give it a traditional, classic feel and to impart the idea of a long standing institution.

Total Return Income Fund brochure


  • Research
  • Concept development
  • Design
  • Logo kit (versions produced for use across print & web)
  • Logo guidelines
“If there was an 11 rating on the survey I’d vote 11. Great job and always a pleasure to get your help.
Cheers!”Thom - Total Return Income Fund LLC.

Thom Garlock

Total Return Income Fund LLC.

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